Sunday, 31 July 2011

Friend Indeed

My favourite kind of inspiration is the type I don’t have to seek and therefore often it is found in friends.

Here’s my beautiful friend Olga rocking a pleather, nude bow cuff from Primark - wearing it in different ways  and definitely making it look more worthy than £2!

Here’s Paul below wearing my leather jacket - this isn’t the first time I’ve had him in ladies clothes so I knew it wouldn’t be a challenge for me. He’s very in fashion since the introduction of men as ladies on the catwalk

Cropped - check

High collar - check

Sleeves a little too short - check

And his cool, quiffed, poofy hair is entirely attributed to himself.

Mark stepped away from his usual and embraced geek chic on Friday night. Buttoned to the top corduroy shirt, long denim shorts and mid calf boots - staying true to his own style with his signature haircut and boots avoided any sense of try-hard and he just looked ace.

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