Sunday, 26 February 2012

DIY CUT OUT Denim shirt

 This week I customized a men's denim shirt - I've been searching charity shops and vintage markets for ages looking for the perfect denim shirt and in the end I gave up and bought a men's one from Primark. Cut out has been really popular for a few seasons now and its a really cool way to feminize a shirt as it shows a delicate part of the female body. This shirt is oversized on purpose: so that it could be a  casual mini dress or so that I can tie it tight at the waist and wear it with some high waisted trousers.

Below I've shown how to make this shirt - but if you like what I've done here I'm selling these shirts for £20 and they come in an array of designs - with/without studs, pearl trimmings, lace, fringing etc.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

DIY silk organza skirt

Jacket - vintage :: Top - Urban Outfitters :: Leggings - Primark :: Shoes - ASOS

Foil nail art - Primark
Nail Polish - Misguided
Ring - Primark

Today I'm wearing my new DIY skirt. Roaming around some cool fabric markets in West London the other day, I was drawn to this gorgeous silk organza in loads of different colours which really inspired me for a an ethereal-themed photo shoot coming up soon. I was also attracted to the black as it highlighted more the silhouettes created beneath the material. So I ended up buying several bags of silk organza and that day I made a skirt from the leftovers. It's actually a belt with a load of material sewn on it, and I 've had compliments all day which makes me think other people might want to wear one too! If you're interested in owning a fabulous skirt stitched together Frankenstein-style (no really, I've recently invested in a sewing machine so its better than previous projects!) then do not hesitate to contact me.

If you prefer different designs on the belt, different colours or a different shaped skirt then it can happen!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Some very exciting things are happening at the moment and I'm about to burst. So to save ourselves some splattered fashion crowd on the white walls of some flat in Shepherds Bush I'll let you in on my exciting new service I'll be providing. Further to styling magazines and commercials, I'm also dipping my toe into the personal styling world! So if you're in need of any styling advice for an event, the current trends or what suits your body shape just get in touch!! IT'S FREE I'm also offering personal shopper trips for a small fee and more details will be available when you give me a shout. I've already begun doing bits and so hungry for more.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

King of the Castle

These amazingly comfortable wedges arrived in the post a few days ago and despite weather warnings that my toes could physically drop off from the cold, I wore them anyway. They are literally the comfiest things ever and they give my 5'1.5" titchiness some length. I wore these flatforms all day, running around working for 15 hours and I pranced away unscathed beating the cold and pain free. You might know I get all fizzy inside when fashion meets function and these are the perfect mix.  They are made from a soft velvet material and the ankle strap is perfect support. This bargain for just £18 from ASOS will be surely worn over the next couple of months until the sun decides to make its appearance.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

With All My Heart

I've recently become a member with ASOS Fashion Finder which is a little like a cocktail of polyvore and Lookbook but better! I have to say though that making my own collage-mood-baord-outfit-makers in other programs would always be my first choice. Anyhow, this is my first look for ASOS fashion finder and of course we are in February so this is a Valentine's date outfit. Even if it is a little unseasonal... 

Credits available if you click here.