Monday, 28 May 2012

DIY Stud Wedge High Tops

Last year I wouldn't be caught dead sporting a pair of trainers trotting down the street. However the genius that is Isabel Marant has incorporated a hidden heel into a pair of high tops! I've been wanting them for some time now but the challenge of saving £440 was beyond me and then emerged the high street equivalents! And despite being truly clever, functional and fashionable - I fear this trend might be a one hit wonder in my wardrobe so the high street has as always completely satisfied me. Here's a few you can find about:

I chose to invest in the ones from River Island for £40 as they were super comfy and fitted well. And of course I couldn't resist my usual urge to stud them up and here's how I did it:

 This was super fun to do and I feel ace walking around in these babies but please know that while images suggest otherwise, this is a 2 person job (somebody needs to hold the shoes down and someone strong needs to do the drilling....) and don't do them on your dining room table unless you want tiny holes through the wood!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Scallop Cut

 A Fashion Crowd First sporting flats in an OOTD post but these sparkly flatforms have been my wardrobe life the past few weeks. They're super comfy and nude so pretty much with go everything. I picked them up from Forever21 back in February on a weekend trip in Belgium. It was snowing at the time! glad I saw the potential :)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

High Hem

Today's the first day this year I've braved bare legs. But it had to be done. My dress wouldn't cope with covered ones and I've been dying to wear this one for a few weeks now. It's a dress-up-dress-down kind of dress and that's not the best bit - you can have a serious monster day and nobody has to know. Only down side to this dress: it's bloody long. I'm wearing whack off heels and it's dragging....
 Today I'm wearing: Love Label Dress, vintage white leather jacket and a mermaid green shiny Luella bag

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Pink Elephant

 This season I've taken a serious turn to the pink and it's becoming increasingly normal to hop out the house wearing pink head-to-toe... Although I doubt it'll ever be an alternative to leopard print.
Today I'm wearing: pink sweater from Topshop, Primark baroque print shorts and pearly necklace, and eBay boots

Yes that would be me swinging from a tree in upper body strength (or lack of) is shocking for the size of my guns.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


Today I'm Wearing: Topshop faux fur jacket, H&M lace vest, Urban Outfitters side split skirt, vintage belt and bag, and eBay boots.

So I've got a giant bag of beautiful clothes I refuse to throw away because I keep telling myself they'd be perfect if I changed the shape/added belt loops/shortened the length/added a giant side split.
I've finally invested in a sewing machine and spent this weekend teaching myself how to use the thing and today I'm wearing my first ever alteration! This skirt used to be a maxi (3 inches too long, even in my highest heels) and I've altered it to a midi length which is more current. I also made the slit higher too so I can get my leg over my bicycle and cycle in it. Wow I love it when function meets fashion!
Jewellery is from Freedom @ Topshop