Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for M&S?!

This afternoon I was just flicking through one of my favourite fashion sites and read that Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are the new stars of M&S! I'm not sure how I feel about this... yes they are gorgeous humans and everyone likes to look at that but their reputation for idealising 'real' women has vanished. M&S is such a household name and I just don't feel they have a place for an American Movie star or Burberry's and Victoria's Secret's own Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

I say bring back Twiggy, Dannii Minogue, Lisa Snowdon and any other Nation-favourite B.C.D-listers out there!

Oh how they do smolder though.... golly gosh good looking people eh?!
ryan reynolds marks & spencer pic4.jpg

Wedged in....

Check out my new shoes! These ankle strap wedge booties in black suede and cool heel design were just £45 from TK Maxx! Amazing bargain. They are branded Paris Hilton and literally the most comfiest things ever. I always go for a wedge as they are so stable and easier to walk in during those long days shopping on your feet :) This design will also go with a ton of things - my vintage dresses and also for a smart look which is going to be massive this season.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Beautiful Bodies; Beautiful Colours - Notting Hill Carnival 2011

This bank holiday weekend has been the Notting Hill Carnival which has been a celebration in west London since the mid 1960s for the Afro Caribbean communities in London. Carnival originates from the celebration of the abolition of slavery and the slave trade and this afternoon was a parade of beautiful colours, feathers, dancing and some amazing music. Smoke and BBQ aromas filtered through the streets and added to the party's ambiance which was overwhelmingly energetic. 
 This guy was in the streets beating to his own drum, which  matched his cool print poncho and his energy.

 The appearance of the sunshine was intermittent but this didn't seem to affect the dancing and celebrating in the streets of Notting Hill.

Most people recorded the event on their phones or on cameras; this guy painted the crowds and he was wonderful to watch.

Loved what people were wearing - this guy with the Rod Stewart haircut had red socks on and a burgundy leather which oddly worked for me; red is a celebratory colour and was an ongoing theme throughout the crowds.

People appeared in all kinds of shapes and forms - I particularly loved the pacman costumes, and how this father walks along the streets so nonchalantly, like he isn't wearing a bright pink feathered head band.....

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Golly gosh, Sunglasses at Night

This evening I was wearing an oversized jumper with feathered epaulettes, a black skirt with a giant slit and my favourite red shoes from Office. 

This look is so easy and effortless - and solves a fat day. We spent the day on Oxford today and pretty much ate the whole time non-stop so the over sized jumper has been functional and fashionable; my favourite combination!

The jumper has a beautiful button back detail - picked this up in a sale last winter and they only had it left in a UK size 18 but I love how this means I can wear it with super tight skirts/leggings and balance out the outfit.
My beautiful red shoes appear to have gotten larger or my feet have shrunk again which is annoying...

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Thorns in My Sides...

This week I've been interning for Gok's Clothes Roadshow and we were filming haberdashery section of the show which has really inspired me to get creative with my own wardrobe - saves tons of money and its loads of fun! Unfortunately, the pictures I have can't be put up online - and I wouldn't out of respect but I will be putting up some behind the scenes type pics soon! 

I bought these ready customized 501s  from a vintage shop at Oxford Circus several weeks ago and I have to say they've been mega fun. This morning my silver screw spikes arrived in the post for China so I will probably update these shorts for the Winter by studding them up. i have considered removing the blue lace but then they arrive on the hussy side of short and I just don't have the legs to carry it...
 The spikes come in packs of fifty, in two parts, the screw and the hollow spike for the screw.

 The spikes are pretty huge but this comforts me in that I will be able to use my arse as a weapon.

Just deciding where to place them, but its not final yet...
I'll keep you updated!

Mind your Own Business

 My new business cards have finally arrived!! If you want one, or several to hand to your to wonderful friends, then let me know! Oooo they are so cool :) click on the images to enlarge them...

All fur Coat and No Knickers

" look attractive but not really be very interesting or of good quality" From

I thought this was rather fitting - given it is late night and I'm dying for some sleep, so I've decided to picture my new coat sans clothes. Then I realized what it meant (above) and my new jacket is far from uninteresting.

I bought my coat this afternoon. It's a long blazer and I was attracted to it for its collar. It's a bit of an odd feeling showing my face online but wearing sunglasses at night indoors makes me want to say Don't masquerade with the guy the shades, oh no.... lalalala

 I'm so glad the whole masculine blazer, tailored look will still be a hot trend this Autumn as I'm loving it tons.
Next investment: colourful faux fur trimmings!

But for now I'll be wearing mine by itself with a brooch, or with my feather collar to fem it up.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Meet me in the Middle


Sunday, 21 August 2011


So today I spent the whole day sorting out my wardrobe and realized I have a plethora or unwanted/unused items. 

Apparently you can only upload 20 items at a time onto eBay. And apparently my arms can only carry two bin-liners of clothes to the charity shop. 

So to give MANY MANY thanks to those reading this blog and support during its short lifetime I'd like to give away the following items for FREE. 

I'm feeling a little down as I'm wondering how my non-paying internships will pay my rent this month (especially after turning down a well paid non-dream job) so all you have to do is leave an amusing blog/fashion-related comment on this post to get one of the following fab items! Easy. Then I'll post it to you.

Below: Hedkandi straighteners beach house gift set! RRP £50!! 210 deg ceramic plates, beach bag, beach mat passport cover, mirror and eye mask! What a whopper

Dermalogica skin set: cleansing gel, microfoliant, smoothing cream and multivitamin power firm cream. You'll be so sexy smooth with this! Worth thirty five whopping quid!!!

Burt beeswax lip balm, body lotion, and body jelly...

Victoria Beckham fragrance and Barry M nail paint weird crackled wall stuff....

Feel free to comment below :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

And He just Wakes up like that...

There is no doubt that S is gorgeous. He's been gorgeous from the moment I met him (although he doesn't actually remember when we first met - something I'll begrudge for the rest of my life...) 

The best part is he's got no idea just how good he looks! He just gets up and throws on whatever. While I don't consider my wardrobe as contrived, there definitely is some thought into what I'm wearing everyday! Fat day, thin day, bad skin day, good skin day, hot day, cold day - if only I considered hair days...

He did not always look like this to be fair. There was a time when his closet consisted of strange types of trousers with an ongoing theme of blue/grey horizontal stripes in the form of hoodies, zip-up jackets, jumpers, t-shirts and after almost 4 years of persistent fighting I've proudly eliminated them. His core geek was his outer geek but I've been able to tuck that away from plain sight. That doesn't stop him from flying his model airplanes at the weekends or other nerdy things on his computer. Love is blind.

In short, now I've combed out certain items which frankly baffled me - he now casually throws on whatever he finds in the clean pile of laundry, goes out and looks amazing.

His boots are from a  shopping centre in Lyon, France for just 15 euros, his t-shirt is by Esprit, and his black skinnies were actually mine - I had them tailor made for me in Hong Kong in a baggy boyfriend style. But that was silly as I don't wear trousers :) They went to a good owner anyway.

Red Leopard

Today I'm wearing a red pleated skirt with a gypsy-style, off the shoulder, leopard print top. I love wearing this skirt with these shoes - I think these shoes can only really be worn with skinny jeans or long skirts and since I have a distinct aversion for trousers of any sort, I'm pretty limited to long skirts! I'm really obsessed with these shoes at the moment; they are from Office. Me and Mum were shopping and loved them so much we brought 3 of the same pair between us! (They come in different colours...) It's too bad we don't have the same sized feet, or live in the same town - our wardrobe would be rather explosive...

Friday, 19 August 2011

Gok a new intern?

I am bounding and bubbling with absolute giddiness today as this afternoon I found out I'll be starting an internship on Gok's Clothes RoadShow (formerly known as Gok's Fashion Fix). I might just be his biggest fan ever ever everrrrrr. Ever. Mostly because he's fabulous, Asian, gay, hilarious and used to be a bit fat.... many things I can relate to :)

All I can say is that there is a bountiful amount of joy inside me tonight and I'll keep you updated! Hopefully Aunty Gok will let me take pictures for my blog!

Big Bow Day

This bow might be my favourite accessory I own. It's by Armani Collezioni and I picked it up at a sample sale for just £5. I love it, I feel like a smart clown and the material is seriously lush. I'll let you touch it if you like :) I'm wearing my outfit with a black feather shawl from Primark for a fancy dress evening which has turned out very useful, I wore it almost everyday last winter with my thick, woolen, black cloak.

The dress is Zara - it has a lace high neckline and a bubble bottom finish. It's not my favourite dress but the high neck makes it go well with the bow tie without having to wear a shirt - too hot for that today!
Both necklaces are presents from two very lovely people and the shoes are some old ones I used to wear for work from River Island.

Editing my pictures today really made me feel so lucky to live in London - that's the Royal Albert Hall in the background!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Kate Moss talking about her Wedding day to US Vogue!

Check out what I just found on Youtube...Kate Moss talking about her wedding which took place this summer! Despite mixed emotions of Kate Moss given her wild history and wilder boyfriends, she is damn gorgeous and after you watch these vids I hope you'll fall in love with her again, Like me :) Enjoy.

Secret S

On Tuesday evening I was catching up with some girlfriends at the house of S - who I hadn't spoken with for yonks. The food is exquisite and the company is great.  We're all science girls but love talking about vintage, secret finds, the most inspiring designers and the extent of our wardrobes! Of course our host gladly presents us with one of her recent finds: a beautiful vintage ring with a row of gleaming blue sapphires embedded along the band. The rest of us are gunned down with its delicate charm as we're passing it around the dinner table ooo-ing and arr-ing.

I'm comforted by the her great taste in jewellery and glad we chose not to postpone the dinner date. It's not long before we are planning our next vintage spree together gabbling like old geese and before I know it we've practically emptied out the contents of S's shoe cupboard on to the bed. It's pretty vast but also pretty amazing!

Boxes of Chanel, Prada, Louboutin, Mui Mui (to name a few....) of shiny heels and pure design. Gorgeous.

The Above are my favourite: Chanel T-bar and ankle strap in a silky black.  Size succession gold stars leading to the toes with the small CC across them and encircled with diamante - finished with gold star buckles. Magic.

But the most surprising thing here, is that you wouldn't know it by her modest mannerisms and humble demeanour. And that's how she likes it. She's no peacock striving to boast her best side, but more of an owl who takes flight only at night - so only those looking are able to see its beauty.

Our Secret S also has her own blog which you should check out at

I can't wait until next time we look at JEWELLERY!!! I'll keep you updated :)

Today I'm wearing a burnt orange/red vintage blazer. I picked up this beauty up in a vintage shop in Edinburgh last September - it came with a long thin pencil skirt so I assume it was a ladies suit of some sort. However I quickly discarded the other item and love wearing this by itself. I love the shoulder pads and the two loose panels at the front which you can tie together to make a knot.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Business

Check out my new business cards arriving shortly! If you want one let me know :) 



Spots and Stripes

Today is mix and match day with spots and stripes although it's so cold you could mistake my goose pimples as a bid to match my spotty underskirt. I'm wearing two night dresses today and a light shoulder frilled chiffon zip-up cardi with my green Irregular choice gingham wedges.

It really was a case of throw on what's on top of the clothes pile today...

Monday, 15 August 2011

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I’ve had these shoes for a few months and wore them for the first time today. They give you height and flight!

They remind me of a modern Hermes which is great as I’ve never had the legs for real full on gladiator sandals. Let’s get some wear out for them before the fast approaching Autumn.

They’re leather and have removable wings, cut with quite some detail. Nice touch.