Thursday, 31 October 2013

An unintentional H2T Ham

I should be writing an essay but instead I'm prancing around outside taking (forcing someone to take) pictures of myself. The fruitful mix of a bad month and payday lead to a good rinsing of the local shops and today in an bid to wear some of my recently purchased items I've somehow ended up in an outfit almost completely head to toe in H&M. Some of it is old season but still feels strange wearing lots from the same shop. Also felt good to get an unintentional clash in there too.

Today I'm wearing:
long tartan sleeveless shirt - H&M
Gilet - H&M
Trousers - H&M
striped tee - H&M
shoes - Red or Dead and Schuh

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Flight and Bandwagonning

I've been carried away on the Blogger's Bandwagon again! I resisted for ages to bag the blogger's skort (part skirt, part shorts). Zara started it and they've since been found in all kinds of colours, prints and materials. It's been resisted all summer then I happened to be browsing a tiny, independent shop on the Doncaster high street  when I found this beauty. It's pleather. But it's also a fad, so its fine.
It's quite a casual outfit today, so I jazzed them up with some huge blingies. 

Today I'm wearing:
Wings Hoodie - Ebay (similar here)
Tee- Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Red or Dead - Schuh

Saturday, 19 October 2013


I've been at my new job for seven weeks now and it requires me to wear formal conservative stuff. I don't mind but still  haven't quite found myself yet and feel like I'm slowly losing my personality through my clothes - which as you might imagine, its a cold-sweat, wrinkle-inducing kind of terrifying. Anyhow, the decision has been made after watching a ton of Desperate Housewives this weekend that I'm going to start channelling Bree Van De Kamp some days to feel girly and when it starts getting really cold I'll dress all androgynous. Get ready for brogues, bow ties, quiffs and matchy suits. 
Today I'm wearing:
hat - Charity shop
Cropped knit - Primark
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - Versace
Shoes - Office

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Girly Grunge

I got new boots. I've been banging on about grungy knee-highs or thigh boots for about two and half years but just couldn't find any chunky, non-slutty, non-pony, non-flat. I hate it when you dream a pair of shoes and can't find then anywhere.  So annoying....! Anyway these beauties are a result of a pretty student discount code, payday, impatience and they're about as close to what I've conjured in my mind.
Tried these boots on with a number of things and the only way I can get them to look non-slutty or frumpy (there's a fine line) was to keep it girly and make everything else over-sized. 
Sorry for the scowls. It was sunnier that it looks this morning...

Today I'm wearing:
Feather pink skirt - TOPSHOP
Faux fur shoulder jumper - NEXT
polka dot stockings - Primark
leather and Aztec combo jacket - ZARA