Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ring of Truth

While I’m significantly partial to a certain set of diamonds I do have in mind my ring set for AW11 already. I’ve already latched on to that deep red wine colour for this season and will probably run with the ruby reds with gold metals. Equally I think chunky flowers will complement any of those heavy tones and thick knits this winter.

Friend Indeed

My favourite kind of inspiration is the type I don’t have to seek and therefore often it is found in friends.

Here’s my beautiful friend Olga rocking a pleather, nude bow cuff from Primark - wearing it in different ways  and definitely making it look more worthy than £2!

Here’s Paul below wearing my leather jacket - this isn’t the first time I’ve had him in ladies clothes so I knew it wouldn’t be a challenge for me. He’s very in fashion since the introduction of men as ladies on the catwalk

Cropped - check

High collar - check

Sleeves a little too short - check

And his cool, quiffed, poofy hair is entirely attributed to himself.

Mark stepped away from his usual and embraced geek chic on Friday night. Buttoned to the top corduroy shirt, long denim shorts and mid calf boots - staying true to his own style with his signature haircut and boots avoided any sense of try-hard and he just looked ace.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Get Me to the Church On Time..

It’s Wedding Season: what to wear?!

Now there’s great pressure here… while it’s not your day, these pictures are going to be looked at for years to come. Memories stamped in history through photos and videos forever and ever and ever much like the ever lasting love between the lucky couple themselves…

Keep it classical with nudes, blushes, and champagne colours which never date. With accessories, Rose gold metals should extend the expensive look further and keep the shoes and bag simple (and preferably matching :) !) These colours happen to be extremely flattering for all shapes and sizes too - nude shoes are going to make your legs twice as long. Get on it.

I’m staring wide eyed at ruffles this summer for weddings - my mindset is girly, glamorous garden party dancing into the midsummer night…

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Roots of Origin

Today I’m wearing an oriental floor length Kaftan in silky purples, pinks and creams and some earthy pink peep toe sling backs. It’s a little long so I’ve tied the front and back panels in a loose knot at the side which also makes this more current and urban and less pool side posing!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bricks and Clicks

My favourite way to start a walk down Brick Lane is the Vintage Emporium tea lounge on Bacon street - stumbling back in time with a stuffed cat for company.

I snapped this guy outside the station - loved the bleached denim and loose neck tee. He looked all street and cool which was counteracted by the cute fringe poking out the top of his hat!

This lovely lady had no idea the amount of cool she oozed. Androgyny to perfection.

Bumping into an LCF friend on Brick Lane! Francesca looked effortlessly amazing, as always…

I wore my leather with a fringe dress, long cardigan and my new studs and gold bag. Although later that day I had to get rid of the long cardigan as I was soiled by an oversized pigeon whilst feeding squirrels in Richmond Park. Honestly, you give to nature and then it stabs you in the back… or poops or whatever…

Very Close to my Very Dream... had a stylist competition which ended in mid July where the winner got a Spangly stylist job with them!

And for those of you who haven’t heard - THIS IS MY DREAM.

The competition began through the Very face book page ( where the finalists were selected through public vote online. After one panicky, furious, fight for a top spot and the support of some amazing people I made it to the top three and the final round of interviews at Very’s HQ in Liverpool.  

And prior to the interview we were set a mini challenge:

Describe an item of clothing that could be worn to a festival and be sold as part of our fabulous Love Label Brand…

I decided to express in mood boards. The first objective was to identify the Love Label current festival collection in order to gain insight into their brand identity which is fun and very feminine as well as the trends they’ve unfolded for this season… I also explored the thoughts and mindset from online reviews of Love Label customers…

The second mood board explores the current trends of festivals which also includes celebrity influence. Having also been a punter at this year’s Beach Break Live 2011 Music festival I could also gain inspiration from this…

From the above, I developed this suedette fringed playsuit. The sleeve details are popular with Love Label customers, the fringing fits with the festival style, and the suedette material furthers makes this item part of the collection. I fully supported my choice as it was commercial, cohesive with the rest of the Love Label collection and from customer reviews I could be confident this style would be popular :)

The whole day in Liverpool was pretty amazing, including the interview part and I’d wished so hard, and worked so hard in preparation for my dream job!

On 21st July 2011, I found that unfortunately I didn’t get the job. It was heartbreaking to say the least. Fortunately, there are no regrets and from this experience sprouted many new things. Including this blog…

Below are my wonderful runner-up flowers also cushioned by some gift vouchers to spend at! 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Stud Book

Among the recent acquisitions to my shoe collection are these darlings I shacked up with in a shopping mall in Hong Kong. Lamb’s leather, silver studs across three straps adorning some wedge sneaker high tops…

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Primark Autumn 11 lookbook is here! And it looks pretty well put together - probably aided by the

Primark Autumn 11 lookbook is here! And it looks pretty well put together - probably aided by the soft tongue of French Lady’s voice in the background and they’ve kept it simple this season. If you happen to know the soundtrack, my Shazam has failed me…

Love the deep red wine colour for Autumn 11 - did you check out the patent ankle boots? I’m not one to swoon for Primark but let it begin.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hungry Eyes...

One look at you and I can’t disguise….

Kirst and the Fashion Crowd

….detailing the objects of my hungry (fashion) eyes; my sights for styling; views on  fashion business; take on London street style; and secret fashion finds…

Yes I’ve finally jumped on the blogging band wagon but despite my fight to conform, above all I’m a sharer. And a carer. And a wearer. And sometimes a swearer, but that’s for a different blog…

This beauty was hidden amongst the jumble of TK Maxx pulling me in and of course to no surprise was Irregular Choice. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Love… And they’ve been my love since October 2005 which suggests to me that

My Love…

And they’ve been my love since October 2005 which suggests to me that Danny Sullivan might just be my fashion soul mate. There was once a time when 70% of my 200 strong shoe collection was irregular choice…. I’d call that dedication!

It’s better now - while I was once fortunate to have both quality and quantity, the first step in a problem is acknowledgement…