Friday, 30 August 2013

Where's My Prince?

I can't stop describing everything as dreamy and it is really annoying me. But it has inspired this outfit post this afternoon. This skirt was a super bargain at a Net-a-Porter sample sale. I picked it up for a photo shoot and it turned out that I liked it too much to share. Perfect for prancing around the garden on a sunny afternoon like I might one day phoofff!!! ..into a princess :)

It's a bit of a rags and riches outfit, today I'm wearing:
Ballerina skirt - D&G (sample sale at NAP)
Crop top - Primark
Shoes - Moda in Pelle

Don't Wake me, I plan on sleeping in
Don't slate me, I plan on breathing in...

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


This Summer has been a funny one but an amazing one nonetheless and the blog has unfortunately suffered. I spent an intense 6 week training for my new job then was finally able to relax for 20 days in Asia (which has taken up the whole summer) so here's a few holiday snaps! We spent half a week in Beijing before travelling around Thailand. I've previously spent 6 weeks in Thailand before in 2009 but I don't think I quite got how truly beautiful the place is! There's nothing paralllel to Thailand, it's like paradise - from the islands in the south, the jungle in the north and the craziness of Bangkok - the whole place is a mega treasure. Despite the beauty, I was a hot sticky mess most of the time but did manage to get some outfit shots in: 
Breathing in....

Koh Lanta, Hot dog legs and Cart wheeling 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Greatness and Fakeness

YES. That would be me perching on the Great Wall of China. My first time in Beijing and it is freaking awesome in every way possible. 

The first night we sweated down Wangfujing, sliding (it was that sweaty) shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of people. The air was thick with stink and all the street food was served on a stick. Starfish, flying lizards, scorpions, squid, quails, crabs, tripe, snakes and spiders all served on a stick. It was an inward battle for 2 days but I've decided you should see the vid of me eating my first scorpian! I'm dribbling with sweat, no make-up and mega jet lagged, so please no judging....!


You'll know the counterfeiting here is insane and scary cheap so I've taken full advantage. Below my haul so far! A Tory Burch make up bag and some "corss my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye" House of Holland sunglasses (originals here) have been the best bits.