Saturday, 27 August 2011

All fur Coat and No Knickers

" look attractive but not really be very interesting or of good quality" From

I thought this was rather fitting - given it is late night and I'm dying for some sleep, so I've decided to picture my new coat sans clothes. Then I realized what it meant (above) and my new jacket is far from uninteresting.

I bought my coat this afternoon. It's a long blazer and I was attracted to it for its collar. It's a bit of an odd feeling showing my face online but wearing sunglasses at night indoors makes me want to say Don't masquerade with the guy the shades, oh no.... lalalala

 I'm so glad the whole masculine blazer, tailored look will still be a hot trend this Autumn as I'm loving it tons.
Next investment: colourful faux fur trimmings!

But for now I'll be wearing mine by itself with a brooch, or with my feather collar to fem it up.

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  1. I am in love with this coat - where is it from? I may have to go out and get one for myself!