Friday, 5 August 2011

Cut a little piece of my Heart

He must have seriously inspired me this morning as I opted for a button up shirt myself. I bought this dress new from ASOS very recently - could have probably done with a bit of a press though. It buttons to the top and has two cut out holes on the chest. The mullet hemline means it does cover my rear, just in case you were wondering if I’d be mistaken for a lady of the night come sun down.

I’m wearing it with a pearl bow brooch at the neck like a bow tie (see It’s a Man’s World post) and a long silver cross necklace.

The tights were a dare in Primark….but being a victim of social pressure came up trumps. It’s quite fortuitous that these actually match my skin tone and they kind of work!

The Shoes are Moda in Pelle in a stone colour - also another happy accident this morning. I tipped my flat upside down looking for something somewhat summery (being August and all), something high and something chunky. But nothing worked, even Mr Irregular Choice hurt my feelings. Luckily these were sitting idly under my mirror and I thought “why the hell not?!”

In retrospect, not the best choice of outfit today. Black shirt and tights in August isn’t all that comfortable.

Fashion over Function. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

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