Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Out of the Blue

Yesterday I found some amazing customised Levi’s in Beyond Retro at Oxford Circus - with blue frilly lace along the hem. I love them, they just need a little more so I’ve ordered some gold and silver spike studs from Ebay to rock them up a bit.

Today I’ve put them with this button backed, silk blouse from a vintage shop in Glasgow. I love this top for its versatility - it has textured pattern all over and two loose panels from the neck. The shoulder pads make me feel I could lift weights.

Below I’ve shown how sometimes this top can be worn tied up. It gives the blouse more shape - so I probably would have worn it like this if I didn’t have my legs out today!

Also you can tuck the under shirt in, like below. So if you have a cool belt and something high waisted it will make you look skinnier - unless you’ve just eaten a snickers and an almond chocoloate magnum ice-cream for lunch….

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