Thursday, 18 August 2011

Secret S

On Tuesday evening I was catching up with some girlfriends at the house of S - who I hadn't spoken with for yonks. The food is exquisite and the company is great.  We're all science girls but love talking about vintage, secret finds, the most inspiring designers and the extent of our wardrobes! Of course our host gladly presents us with one of her recent finds: a beautiful vintage ring with a row of gleaming blue sapphires embedded along the band. The rest of us are gunned down with its delicate charm as we're passing it around the dinner table ooo-ing and arr-ing.

I'm comforted by the her great taste in jewellery and glad we chose not to postpone the dinner date. It's not long before we are planning our next vintage spree together gabbling like old geese and before I know it we've practically emptied out the contents of S's shoe cupboard on to the bed. It's pretty vast but also pretty amazing!

Boxes of Chanel, Prada, Louboutin, Mui Mui (to name a few....) of shiny heels and pure design. Gorgeous.

The Above are my favourite: Chanel T-bar and ankle strap in a silky black.  Size succession gold stars leading to the toes with the small CC across them and encircled with diamante - finished with gold star buckles. Magic.

But the most surprising thing here, is that you wouldn't know it by her modest mannerisms and humble demeanour. And that's how she likes it. She's no peacock striving to boast her best side, but more of an owl who takes flight only at night - so only those looking are able to see its beauty.

Our Secret S also has her own blog which you should check out at

I can't wait until next time we look at JEWELLERY!!! I'll keep you updated :)


  1. @theSecretCloset you're welcome! and THANK YOU for letting me dig deep into your secret closet! X