Saturday, 27 August 2011

Thorns in My Sides...

This week I've been interning for Gok's Clothes Roadshow and we were filming haberdashery section of the show which has really inspired me to get creative with my own wardrobe - saves tons of money and its loads of fun! Unfortunately, the pictures I have can't be put up online - and I wouldn't out of respect but I will be putting up some behind the scenes type pics soon! 

I bought these ready customized 501s  from a vintage shop at Oxford Circus several weeks ago and I have to say they've been mega fun. This morning my silver screw spikes arrived in the post for China so I will probably update these shorts for the Winter by studding them up. i have considered removing the blue lace but then they arrive on the hussy side of short and I just don't have the legs to carry it...
 The spikes come in packs of fifty, in two parts, the screw and the hollow spike for the screw.

 The spikes are pretty huge but this comforts me in that I will be able to use my arse as a weapon.

Just deciding where to place them, but its not final yet...
I'll keep you updated!

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