Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Look Lounge! at Westfield Exclusive Bloggers Event...

So I didn't win the Look Magazine Bloggers Competition but I was invited to take part in this event. I arrived having sat along almost the entire central line to get here lugging my wonderful camera - which by some strange miracle made people think I'm with the media and will later try my luck in the media suite and meet some famous, beautiful people.

Right now, I'm blogging right here from the Look Lounge and its sweaty hot. Dribbly perspiration bubbles kind of hot... But that's from the pure excitement of being here! There's sofas and magazines and a desk full of computers next to a rail of clothes. Blogger's dreams in here and Tom Vek playing in the background. Blogger's sweaty - I shouldn't-have-worn-leather-sleeves-and-multiple-layers-faux-pas kind of dreams....I say.

Take a Look at my pictures anyway :)

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