Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Oldest Second Hand Store in Europe

This weekend I visited the oldest second store in Europe. It was truly amazing - better than any second hand store I've seen in the UK. Now I don't mean charity shops with a mish mash of strange fleeces, old shirts and the occasional hidden gem that, with a quick dry clean could be pretty cool... No, this was was rather awesome from the get go. 

Situated just off the main road at Münchner Freiheit, Munich you walk into the store which is a large room with clothes hung along the three walls and glass cabinets/displays in the centre. Sparkly dresses on the left, winter coats and leather jackets, MORE dresses! An eclectic mix of vintage and simply second hand  apparel - literally every piece was an outward gem and I couldn't stop touching everything! 

Then a small doorway to the designer labels....! I was delirious with excitement and fortunately unlike UK shops,  I could take pictures as many as I liked! 

As we were about to leave and feeling quite overwhelmed with the recent spur of emotions, I spotted another small room tucked away in the corner of the store - a room FULL of shoes arranged up the walls in their abundance by colour. I managed to get a single shot whilst being dragged out the store by S who was sweating for pizza. 

If you ever want to visit, the address is: Second Hand Agentur Monica Arens 

Siegesstraße 20, 80802 München, Germany+49 89/392023 
And there's a video too! German though :)

What a day :)

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