Monday, 24 October 2011

I Knew that Doll Was Fierce

I played with Barbies until I was 17 and when I do make the odd trip back up to Northern air, my old friends greet me with sparkly blue eyes and shiny blond rayon hair - expressions never changing and their dresses increasingly showing their age. I had a VW pink beetle and the trunk was filled with shoes and the whole lot would be carted off to a friends to be looked after when I went on holiday. 

Barbie has since changed quite radically since my childhood-teenage days (most notably her smaller chest size, not the pink hair!). This Barbie below is a limited edition ($50) has had a makeover by the Italian-based, Japanese-inspired brand Tokidoki. Barbie wears all items available to buy (human-size) from the brand as well as sporting some manga-style tattoos and a cactus coated pet called Bastardino which is probably not going down too well with parents.... But who cares she is so cool. The oversized tee and leopard print leggings and sparkly heels are very on trend with that grungy style being big this season - and her accessories are banging.

After reading about the new and improved Barbie I decided to take a visit to the website which is amazing! There's so many fashion related activities and Barbie's clothes you can style, although largely pink and shiny, have become very current in styles and I'm sure I've seen the same cut out floor length number on Cheryl Cole...

My favourite Barbie online activities are the photoshoots you can create:

First you start by choosing your model she can be 'cutie', 'arty' ,'glam', 'sporty'...etc
Then, just like in real life (!) you design your set: backgrounds, lighting, floor, accessories the works!

Then you can arrange you model in all kinds of positions using the pink circles to create the pose you love!

After 4 pictures (you can choose close-ups, landscapes, portraits etc) the images are arranged into a magazine spread. Absolutely tons of fun! I also like being called a fab fashion photographer :)

My other favourite feature is the online shopping - for just $39.99 you can create your own personalized Barbie!  

It's hard to see but the middle dress is very Moschino with a black shiny waist belt with big silver letters spelling 'BARBIE'.... LOVE IT

Get online today and design some stuff!!

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  1. Finally a barbie with a little bit more attitude!! Love the pet >.<