Monday, 31 October 2011

Photoshoot Past

In July 2011 I finished my job at Club 21 working in the buying office, and I was pretty bummed out. Beyond bummed out, really. But I saw it as my chance to really chase something full time I've been passionate about since forever. It was pretty nerve-wracking completely changing from retail to a more creative role. And with every subsequent buying job I declined it felt like I was making the wrong decision, feeling financial stability slipping away from me. 

Since then, it's been a whirlwind three months and I am finally really starting to feel the results of my work - which makes me relieved and excited about the next career chapter. 

It got me thinking about the past year and how supportive my friends have been to get me a firm footing. I've got friends like you wouldn't believe - they all have scientific backgrounds, and no experience in putting together photo shoots but they gave me their best skills and together we made what fully is my portfolio, and something I would consider one of my greatest achievements. Photo shoots don't just take one day. They are weeks of prep putting together ideas, sourcing equipment, people, clothes, props, make up....everything! Then its non stop starting at the crack of dawn and lasting the whole day; Then there's the post-processing and editing; And my friends did it for me for free and even outright paid the hiring costs for certain things. They are the best people you could hope for in life and despite struggling to keep the roof over my head, I'm the happiest I've been for yonks.

Here's a round up of one of those days I'm talking about, and simply a great memory.

The studio pre-shoot (and pre-stress): also known as my living room with my bed sheet nailed to the wall. And who said fashion was glamorous?!

Hair and Make-up room - my kitchen. Not so bad: endless cups of tea and lots of natural lighting.
Make up artist Working her magic

The photographer - showing you how it should be done :)

Demonstrating the angular poses I was looking for from this shoot.
Photographer and stylist: Blue steel and Sex Face
Next outfit - final touches

Next outfit: Final touches with the wonderful make-up artist who is also very beautiful. Beauty shots to come later!

Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot :)

This is the best thing about working with your closest friends :)

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