Thursday, 6 October 2011

There's a Snake in my Boot

The simple truth and depression of  the fashion industry for many of us is that there just isn't much money in it unless you're a super duper star who has worked with some super duper names. And while we spend all our time around gorgeous clothes, trimmings, accessories and luxurious names the thought of wearing them myself is hopeless. On the positive side it I've developed an incredible sixth sense to find amazing things at afforable price. If there's a sample sale, a cool online boutique or even car-boot sale selling amazing vintage I'll find it. My latest addition to my budget wardrobe are these beautiful things. Very Jeffrey Campbell esque but instead of paying £135 (which I wouldn't have even blinked at pre-poverty days) my boots cost a tiny £26. Amazing eh?
They are simply the comfiest heeled boots I've owned in yonks and they'll carry me through this winter fine.
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  1. oh god I am in where did you get them from????? :) By the way I'm loving your blog...very cool :D

  2. from eBay!! here's the seller's shop - they have tons of different designs but they're getting popular and a bit more expensive!
    Glad you like by the way :)

  3. oops here's the link: