Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Can't Win Them All

A couple of weeks a ago I received a call - it was about 9am, I was still half asleep and not recognizing the phone number I assumed it was the annoying estate agents calling to bug me for a viewing, again. With a short tone (but also trying to hide the fact I was still snoring mid-morning) I answered and to utter shock it was the editorial assistant Kate Williams from Aigua Media. She didn't seem to notice the tone and it quickly changed anyway as I was shuffling around my brains trying to grasp why she was calling! Then I remembered a couple of weeks earlier I had been sent a few emails about an online competition. Being partial to online fashion competitions and a supportive nudge from a really good friend, I'd hastily entered a competition to guest blog for Catwalk Queen by attending their launch party for the brand new made-over MEGAzine (and also get a free goody bag!). 

All you had to do was write a short paragraph about why you thought you deserved to win such an opportunity. I didn't think twice about what I wanted to say - I had pulled a sickie off work the previous month to trek across London just to hear a talk from CQ's Gemma Cartwright about blogging; they were the first blog I ever started reading daily; and are who inspired me to start my very own blog!

So after a pretty surreal phone conversation, I stumbled around wondering what to wear for the launch party just 2 days away and who would come with me?! Immediately my friend E, came to mind as she was the one who had pushed me to enter in the first place - what a wonderful friend!

We arrived at Sketch, some swank venue just off Regent Street - the music was awesome and I was so excited by the best of LFW's shoes projected on the walls and high ceilings. Drinks and canapes were a plenty, and soon enough some very recognizable faces began to stroll in. We chatted with Gemma Cartwright for a short while who made every effort to make us feel welcome and you could really see the charisma and intelligence that she is often described as rolling out in her words and essence.

I immediately recognized Jay from Dirty Sexy Things - having seen him just two nights before at the Fusion@London Launch event! He recognized me too and promised me an interview outside with a cigarette.

For  my full report of CQ's night its its on their site! Here's the link:

Also I've got tons more pictures of the night on my facebook page, so please visit me there!

Below are a few snippets of my blog post for CQ and some pictures of the evening's happenings.

AND I'm on YouTube!!!! Watch below for my interview with the gorgeous Julian from

Me and E, enjoying the photo booth way too much!


Goody Bag! Not the best goody bag I've ever had but the nail transfers were ace.

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  1. If only we could all get calls like that every morning...waking up would be a lot much easier!! hahah It seems you had fun!