Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fashion Babylon Shoot

Last Sunday was my first shoot where instead of styling the models, I had the chance to assist the fashion photographer, Michael Bailey of Fashion Babylon. I adore my camera and although I use it for all the blog posts, it still feels like I never use it enough so it was really special to bring it along to a photo shoot this time. Fashion Babylon is fashion hub for designers, stylists and photographers with a recently expanding modelling agency branch. They are continually scouting for the freshest modelling talent to nurture and mature into a  fun hobby or even a dazzling career. And on that day we were there to help the debut girls build their portfolios.

The shoot took place at Hampton Court House which is a 16th Century mansion turned private school. I thought I was lost when I arrived - the grounds were stunning and a rare mix of last week's school homework on the wall laced throughout a certain stance of history making it feel enchanting. I walked around from the court yard to the theatre, from the dining hall to the classroom - I wish I'd taken more photographs but it was pretty much non-stop the whole day!

Here's a few from the day:

Harriet the MUA's kit

A very enviable stylist's kit

Some of the accessories used for the shoot. The stylist Angela Gates is very talented!
Prepping the models in hair and make-up 

Designer Rose Willis, also had some shots for her collection available at ASOS marketplace.

 Michael Bailey at work

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