Monday, 28 May 2012

DIY Stud Wedge High Tops

Last year I wouldn't be caught dead sporting a pair of trainers trotting down the street. However the genius that is Isabel Marant has incorporated a hidden heel into a pair of high tops! I've been wanting them for some time now but the challenge of saving £440 was beyond me and then emerged the high street equivalents! And despite being truly clever, functional and fashionable - I fear this trend might be a one hit wonder in my wardrobe so the high street has as always completely satisfied me. Here's a few you can find about:

I chose to invest in the ones from River Island for £40 as they were super comfy and fitted well. And of course I couldn't resist my usual urge to stud them up and here's how I did it:

 This was super fun to do and I feel ace walking around in these babies but please know that while images suggest otherwise, this is a 2 person job (somebody needs to hold the shoes down and someone strong needs to do the drilling....) and don't do them on your dining room table unless you want tiny holes through the wood!

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  1. Haha, you really is a clever girl and I try this before but failed finally..