Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Holiday Haul

A big reason for being massively absent in August was that I spent a good chunk of three weeks holidaying in Florida. It was the best - all you can eat full fat, fully greasy, feeling full food; soft American accents; the sun; Disney; and of course, the shopping. I'd already made a shopping list and saved for items of brands which I knew would be cheaper in the States but that rapidly went out the window when I came face to face with thrift stores and flea markets - something I could have never anticipated.

Here's the fashion haul vid of some of my favourite things I picked up out there. I spent less than $200 overall in three weeks and came back with at least 7-10kg more! 

The day after visiting Disney - and feeling very Minnie Mouse inspired....

Minnie Mouse Headphone!

My gorgeous new double faced watched sitting pretty.


  1. That black vintage dress is just soo pretty on you! Ahh - love love love love!

    1. thanks!! My mum loved it more so I gave it to her...Now I'm regretting it :/

  2. I like your blog!
    Follow you :)

  3. lovely blog!!! im following u honey!!!