Monday, 1 April 2013

Always be a Unicorn

When I was at school there were two types of girls. The Horsey Girls and the Non-Horsey lot. I was the latter and proud of it. Frankly I just thought it was a little bit cringe to gallop around the playground grunting   and kicking my hind legs around. Now I'm older, I see the magic!! Unicorns! They're beautiful and horses are the nearest I'm ever going to get to unicorns. Ergo, I like horses...

I've facebooked and Instagrammed my new vest a few times already and the reaction hasn't been positive - I've even heard open sniggering about it when I'm walking down the street but I don't care because I LOVE MY ROMWE VEST. It's got studs, bleached denim, unicorns and pink feathers...what's not to love?!

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Today I'm Wearing:
top - Primark
Tiara - Claire's Accessories
Sunglasses - H&M
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace - Ebay

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  1. Love your unique style!
    Fashion Ganache