Saturday, 5 October 2013

Girly Grunge

I got new boots. I've been banging on about grungy knee-highs or thigh boots for about two and half years but just couldn't find any chunky, non-slutty, non-pony, non-flat. I hate it when you dream a pair of shoes and can't find then anywhere.  So annoying....! Anyway these beauties are a result of a pretty student discount code, payday, impatience and they're about as close to what I've conjured in my mind.
Tried these boots on with a number of things and the only way I can get them to look non-slutty or frumpy (there's a fine line) was to keep it girly and make everything else over-sized. 
Sorry for the scowls. It was sunnier that it looks this morning...

Today I'm wearing:
Feather pink skirt - TOPSHOP
Faux fur shoulder jumper - NEXT
polka dot stockings - Primark
leather and Aztec combo jacket - ZARA

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