Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bricks and Clicks

My favourite way to start a walk down Brick Lane is the Vintage Emporium tea lounge on Bacon street - stumbling back in time with a stuffed cat for company.

I snapped this guy outside the station - loved the bleached denim and loose neck tee. He looked all street and cool which was counteracted by the cute fringe poking out the top of his hat!

This lovely lady had no idea the amount of cool she oozed. Androgyny to perfection.

Bumping into an LCF friend on Brick Lane! Francesca looked effortlessly amazing, as always…

I wore my leather with a fringe dress, long cardigan and my new studs and gold bag. Although later that day I had to get rid of the long cardigan as I was soiled by an oversized pigeon whilst feeding squirrels in Richmond Park. Honestly, you give to nature and then it stabs you in the back… or poops or whatever…

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