Saturday, 20 August 2011

And He just Wakes up like that...

There is no doubt that S is gorgeous. He's been gorgeous from the moment I met him (although he doesn't actually remember when we first met - something I'll begrudge for the rest of my life...) 

The best part is he's got no idea just how good he looks! He just gets up and throws on whatever. While I don't consider my wardrobe as contrived, there definitely is some thought into what I'm wearing everyday! Fat day, thin day, bad skin day, good skin day, hot day, cold day - if only I considered hair days...

He did not always look like this to be fair. There was a time when his closet consisted of strange types of trousers with an ongoing theme of blue/grey horizontal stripes in the form of hoodies, zip-up jackets, jumpers, t-shirts and after almost 4 years of persistent fighting I've proudly eliminated them. His core geek was his outer geek but I've been able to tuck that away from plain sight. That doesn't stop him from flying his model airplanes at the weekends or other nerdy things on his computer. Love is blind.

In short, now I've combed out certain items which frankly baffled me - he now casually throws on whatever he finds in the clean pile of laundry, goes out and looks amazing.

His boots are from a  shopping centre in Lyon, France for just 15 euros, his t-shirt is by Esprit, and his black skinnies were actually mine - I had them tailor made for me in Hong Kong in a baggy boyfriend style. But that was silly as I don't wear trousers :) They went to a good owner anyway.


  1. Sexiest model airplane pilot. Roarr ;)

  2. Why don't you mention how super bright he is too?????