Thursday, 11 August 2011

"Love Grows in me like a Tumour; Parasite bent on Devouring it'shost..."

Last Tuesday were the celebrations of my older Brother’s wedding to his beautiful new bride Andi. Two hundred people came together (80% to whom I was related!) to cheer their new married life together. Chinese celebrations are full of vibrant colours - from the golds and greens of the lion costumes, to the red silks of the traditions Chinese dresses, to the energetic mix of frills, drapes and corsets of the guests!

Both of Andi’s dresses were stunning. Her classic white dress was made from scratch from my brother’s own skills to imagine and design. His inspiration stemmed from red rose buds and lazy morning wake-ups in thick, cushy, feathered, bed sheets next to his love.

Her traditional red dress was paralytically breath taking. Below you can see the fine embroidery of each petal, flower and butterfly which was hand-stitched from fine silk threads and took an incredible three months to make! Well worth the wait, I think.

My dress is by AQUA and the two tone of the blue gives a slimming effect and is on trend with the colour blocking. There’s tons of material in this dress in the skirt part which is very ideal if you are planning to eat copious amounts of Chinese wedding food!

The day was full of organising guests; making sure things ran smoothly (and on time); photographing and toasting the happy couple; and general frantic running in around with no direction. So I also love the fact that this dress can be tied at the back to make it slightly shorter and completely changing the silhouette.

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