Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hey soldier, LOOK ALIVE!

I might just be fringing on the edges of the blogosphere but this makes me happier than I’ve been in yonks. Happier than holidays, travelling, afternoon sleeps, the rain, nice tummies, non-athletic footwear and Danny Sullivan… 

The Look Show

Which is why I’m blogging about this stunning opportunity as my hunger for front row access at LOOK Magazine’s show during LFW sends my belly aching so hard the echoes resound, breaking ground. 

This might possibly the BEST show ever to go to: high street, affordable clothes on REAL women - oh it really hits my fashion spot in the most deliriously exciting way possible. Ever. 

Why I think I should win a spot on the F-ROW?

  1. Anyone get extent of how much I want this?

  2. I promise you’ll get a feverish update of everything going on - who?! what?! where?! oooo0Ooo0O0ooo

  3. You’ll want to hear what I think :)

  4. You know I’m the ultimate trend spotter

  5. I take good pictures

Hopefully the LOOK judging panel and agree….

Check out the competition:

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