Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mongolian Lamb

Autumn is certainly upon us with the distinct chill in the September breeze and calling for AW accessories gets me so excited. I'm wearing a black silk shirt and a non-exciting velvetine tube skirt with some purple legwarmers and my favourite Faith Solo black wedges. They've got the gold leather straps, are dead comfy and it hurts to know they went into administration so I'll never get another pair like them again.

I have some new leather mittens - they're elbow length so perfect for cycling. And better, there's a zip around the wrist so I can wear them sans sleeve or just wear the sleeves as leather cuffs. I love multi-functionality! 

Now the star piece of my outfit is this Mongolian Lamb's wool scarf. It was a special gift acquired very recently from Philo-sofie. Its soft and so so warm. I no longer worry about poor baby lambs in the Mongolian mountains freezing to death. 

Seriously though, temperatures can reach as low as -50°C and among other factors, the skin and wool of the sheep and goats that bring us beautiful cashmere, also protect these creatures from freezing to death. 

Kemp - hair with hollow shafts - is the morphological adapation to protect the animals from strong winds, snow, the cold, and rain. The air within these shafts have low thermoconductivity thereby acting as insulation for the body. Gosh adaptation is so clever!


  1. hehe, love the outfit or just the science part?! X

  2. I like both together! Though you are wearing a lot of animal product - poor little lamb :(