Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Red Raw

We're hopefully moving to a new flat soon (goodbye Westfield, boohoo!) and I've been spending a lot of time contemplating the nearing of the shedding of a huge amount of clothes. But. With shedding is the inevitable sorting, and last night I found this dress. I've only ever worn this a handful of times because whenever I look at it I think Chav. With the asymmetry and sparkle detail - and it will be well short if I was of a normal height. I do like the bat wing type detail though and it reminds me of a better place - I picked this up backpacking in Asia. Through the stuffy markets in Cambodia, I found this. It cost less than a McDonald's meal and its an easy transitional item into Autumn. Very useful given the weird hot September weather London is experiencing this year.
And of course red is amazing. Its got power, drama and automatically gives you confidence without even giving a gaze or opening your mouth.  Conversely Red can seen as a fattening colour. That's why every woman should own a pair of red shoes. Feet don't have fat days.


  1. I saw you in the scr wearing this beauty. Shame you didn't look back :-( watching gok right now :-) xxx

  2. why didn't you say hi!?
    We need another date inside your wardrobe! xxx

  3. I was with my boss...couldnt escape :-(
    date soon...promised!