Monday, 26 September 2011

The Swarovski DISCOVER YOUR LIGHT treasure hunt

 On Saturday 24th Sept we went to the Swarovski treasure hunt day. I was so excited for the chance to win a holiday in Florence and Austria with some spending money and the idea of running around London afternoon - sweat droplets and all - excited me beyond the acceptable amount.

The afternoon began with a gathering at Victoria's Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre around lunch time while we pranced around in the September sun waiting for the event to start. This was the first taste (below) we got - a Swarovski encrusted Mini. Silver swans head to dead to make it look like butterflies or flowers and a giant union jack flag in crystals on the roof of the car. Very spangly.....

We were then ushered into the hall which was like a bit of a disco with a stage at the front where there was a massive silver Swaroski encrusted sofa and a couple of chandeliers. The walls were lined with curtains of crystals and all the sparkle made me more aware of the competition bubbling up inside me! (Free holiday!)

Goody bag: DVDs, leaflets, promotional magazines and a really cool swing neck tag with a hood tucked into the strap in case it rains! Clever
When it was time for the competition to start we were out the door and sprinting to our first destination. The afternoon was a mad scramble around central London kissing policemen, playing detective and sweating profusely. It was a desperate struggle to win and when we returned to the after-party and winner announcements I was ready to fall into a ball whimpering from the pain and dehydration. But instead we got drunk.
We didn't win. Not even close to winning. In fact. I think we came in the bottom half.
Lessons learned - fashion over function is not fitting to this type of event, running shoes are favoured and wear as little as possible preferably. I also learned that I'm a hard loser - I need to work on this. And finally, despite brilliant team effort and extensive love for my teammate - I should have put my foot down when I watched her leave my flat that morning in heels...

The Team before the race and sweating began......

The day was amazing even if we didn't win anything. And the event worked - I'm shopping online and I've made my list :)

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