Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Make Me, Break Me

Accessories Make or Break an Outfit

It's amazing how accessories can throw an outfit in a completely different aesthetic direction and  help you express the person you are today. Last Summer the colour blocking craze breezed directly over my head and I adopted on a more ethereal trend: floaty dresses, soft shades and this was aided by great accessories like scarves and delicate chains. This season it's more of a princess of darkness turned rock star type look and your winter wardrobe can be updated with studs, black feathers, and mixing in this season's silhouettes and shapes. These accessories are going to help last year's winter slouchy jumpers much more edgy, here are some images that show how it has transformed an old Primark sweater.

Below are a few of my most recent accessories: 

click on the images to enlarge them :)
Studded pleather, faux fur ear muffs, customised from Portobello Market £12

Ear Horn, eBay £2

Ear cuff with gold chains and black feathers, Carablla Rose at Ebay £12.99

Pascale Monvoisin necklace, £55

Peter Pan collar in chain mail £15

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  1. I've got this nail ring and ear horn for xmas from toppers :D love it xx