Sunday, 1 January 2012

Review: Model's Own Nail Art Pen

Last month I reviewed Topshop's nail art pens - they weren't brilliant but they are fun and have been fully used throughout December. Topshop's makeup is yet to be praised for its quality and therefore I thought I'd look out for other nail art pens on the market. 

This pen was picked up for £6 at Urban Outfitters and the price is similar elsewhere online. I also used China Glaze for the base and top coat, £7.75 and Rimmel's LYCRA PRO in lilac, £4.59.

What was attractive about the Model's Own brand of nail art pens is that you get more polish for your money and the pen has a dual application function: a fine brush as well as a needle-thin pen (shown below).

The pros: the dual application function allows for more varied designs on your nails and you get more polish for your money compared to the Topshop ones.

The cons: it only comes in black; the needle tip gets blocked quickly and simply only works 50% of the time;   the needle also scratches the coloured coat a lot; and finally, the applicator is short so you have less control over it - unlike the pen applicator of the Topshop ones.

In terms of results, there isn't much difference between them!

For reference:
For the Topshop nails, I also used nails inc, £11 and Seche Vite top coat, £6.25

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