Sunday, 26 February 2012

DIY CUT OUT Denim shirt

 This week I customized a men's denim shirt - I've been searching charity shops and vintage markets for ages looking for the perfect denim shirt and in the end I gave up and bought a men's one from Primark. Cut out has been really popular for a few seasons now and its a really cool way to feminize a shirt as it shows a delicate part of the female body. This shirt is oversized on purpose: so that it could be a  casual mini dress or so that I can tie it tight at the waist and wear it with some high waisted trousers.

Below I've shown how to make this shirt - but if you like what I've done here I'm selling these shirts for £20 and they come in an array of designs - with/without studs, pearl trimmings, lace, fringing etc.


  1. are these still for sale? and if so i would love to purchase one (:

  2. Hi!! I'm glad you like :) yes they are still available to buy. Please send me an email with your size and the kind of trimmings you'd like and we can go from there (to

  3. OMG! are you still selling these??? i've never seen anything so freaken cutely gorgeous and different! if you are how much??

  4. Do u stil have this shirt??