Tuesday, 21 February 2012

DIY silk organza skirt

Jacket - vintage :: Top - Urban Outfitters :: Leggings - Primark :: Shoes - ASOS

Foil nail art - Primark
Nail Polish - Misguided
Ring - Primark

Today I'm wearing my new DIY skirt. Roaming around some cool fabric markets in West London the other day, I was drawn to this gorgeous silk organza in loads of different colours which really inspired me for a an ethereal-themed photo shoot coming up soon. I was also attracted to the black as it highlighted more the silhouettes created beneath the material. So I ended up buying several bags of silk organza and that day I made a skirt from the leftovers. It's actually a belt with a load of material sewn on it, and I 've had compliments all day which makes me think other people might want to wear one too! If you're interested in owning a fabulous skirt stitched together Frankenstein-style (no really, I've recently invested in a sewing machine so its better than previous projects!) then do not hesitate to contact me.

If you prefer different designs on the belt, different colours or a different shaped skirt then it can happen!

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  1. are you still selling that shirt?! i love it!
    how much are you selling it for?