Saturday, 9 June 2012

Brighton Fashion Week 2012

Last week I skipped the Jubilee celebrations and hopped over to Brighton for a several days to catch Brighton Fashion Week. It was literally amazing - Brighton is brimming with huge up and coming talent and their sense for fashion is so innovative and fresh. This in turn attracted some big fashion names to the event and whole thing was booming. 
Here's some of the outfits I wore for during the week:

The week started with the Brighton Frocks Show which presented a mix of designers all dedicated in communicating their avant-garde sensibility towards popular culture and current affairs through their garments. My favourite show was the Zeitgeist show the following day which took us on a journey to the next level in terms of fashion and here's some of my favourites: 

Karin Wuthrich had a gorgeous collection with a distinct link to nature in the structural pieces which had an almost insect casing type feel to it. Clean cuts and simple colours, the silhouettes were very current.

Below is the trailer before Jess Eaton's Collection the Second Roadkill Couture for EatonNott which explains her art-fashion work. I'd been so excited about this collection and it certainly did not disappoint. Think horse tails hanging from models' necks, beautiful buttflies sculpted from pigeon wings, swans wings gracing silk evening gowns and lots of fur....

Joey Bevan hosted the weekend of BFW and we also got to see his amazing SS12 collection - another one of my favourites, I want this jacket!

I literally took zillions of photos and videos - too much for one blogpost... You can find more on my facebook page, click here.

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  1. I like something like those fashion week ,so we can follow the latest fashion trends and will never be out of fashion!