Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ball and Chain

It's been a blue month! Unintentionally as it's certainly not reflecting any form of somber moods, chills or tranquility. Perhaps even the opposite; I'm so busy I feel like my head might just explode - with fashion weeks in full swing and shoots to book. Today I'm wearing something else I snatched up at a bargain price of $2.50 in the States: my velvet shirt. 

Today I'm Wearing:
Velvet shirt - Florida, USA
Shoes - Office


  1. I ADORE this entire outfit. I'm a sucker for anything velvet and your chunky heels are to die for. I'm a fan :) Gorgeous! x

  2. hallo
    I am interested in the velvet shirt
    I could buy it from them.
    I pay what they want.
    I offer 150 to 200 euros for one.
    or what they want.
    please writ back