Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pleather you like it or not.

My Pleather skirt finally arrived from China! This season a leather skirt is a bit of a must-have and I had my eye on the Zara studded rara skirt but its £75.... So while a wait for a payday/pop-up presents/miracles/or money to fall out of my ears I bought this pleather alternative from eBay. I plan to stud it up once they come in the post too. So I've teamed it with my ages-old jumper and my ancient but reliable faith  wedges.

Today I'm wearing:
Jumper with faux fur epaulettes - Next
Necklace - eBay
Skirt - eBay
Wedges - Faith


  1. I love those fluffy puffs on the shoulders! If I were you I would be touching and patting them all the time.. making people think I'm EVEN weirder than I already am.. :p

  2. great outfit