Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Feather Addiction

I picked this leather jacket up in a Charity shop up north a few weeks ago thinking I could sell it on eBay after studding up the collar and shoulders. But whilst rummaging through my crafts drawer, I found this amazing feather trimming and decided to use this instead!! Took ages hand sewing through the tough leather but overall I'm pleased with the look. I'm also wearing the tie-dye tee I made last week - I think I'm going custom crazy...

Today I'm wearing:
Customized Vintage Leather - Charity shop and feather from eBay
DIY tee - Primark 
The Congress Shoe - Jeffrey Campbell


  1. loving the feather trim you added! makes it look really interesting :)


    1. Thanks! Was a nightmare to do though but i guess it's worth it for fashion :) xx

  2. Wow love this outfit, loving the feathers!
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. thanks :) the feathers were from eBay! I'm becoming obsessed! x

  3. I'm a MASSIVE fan of customising, you've done an awesome job at that, it looks great! Really unique!

    hey, I've just recently started my blog (by recently I mean 4 days ago! Newbie!) and was wondering if you could give me some feedback on it, your blog looks really good, and clearly you've been doing it a while so it would be great to get an experienced bloggers feedback. It's obviously in it's early stages (still heaps to do with templates and HTML stuff, but i'll get there!)

    Thanks :)



  4. hi Steph! love you blog and saw you're shortlisted for the River Island Styled by you competition! congrats! you don't need feedback you're doing amazing xxx