Friday, 25 January 2013

DIY Tie-Dye Tee

My creative, considerate, crazy smart sister made me an awesome tee for Christmas this year and I wore it an alarming number of times before I washed it - tragically I managed to wreck it by washing the tee with a pair of new jeans...
In a desperate attempt to gain back my treasured item, we spent an evening trying to repeat the process - I got a ton of compliments about the top and She inspired me to lug my heavy camera across the country to document the whole thing. So here's how to make a tie-dye tee.
 The necklaces I'm wearing are from Dorothy Perkins in the sale - they both cost £1-2 each, amazing

 Note - if you want the colours to appear more vivid, leave the dye in longer and make up a stronger concentration of dye. I used Dylon Flamingo pinkSunflower Yellow and Intense Violet fabric dye. Each packet could dye several items so its worth dying several things to avoid waste.


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  2. Amazing! I am going to try this:)
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  3. I love the color of your dress. I will try it as well/

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  4. did the shirt's coloring go lighter after you put it in the wash? i really like the way yours turned out :)